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Munich 1972 Olympics Massacre Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Munich 1972 Olympics Massacre - Assignment Example The furious Israel took immediate and severe action against this and launched the operation wrath of god, which included aerial bombing and precision assassination of selected targets. The operation was successful, but it faced criticism for using violence to tackle terrorism.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The 20th Olympics games were held in Munich, Germany. The pressure was high in these games as this was the first international event to be held in Germany after 1936. The Israeli players were especially nervous as most of the players’ family members were killed in the Holocaust, or they were the survivors of the Holocaust. The start to the Olympics went good until 5th September 1972, when eight members of a Palestinian terrorist group called black September entered the Olympics village. They went straight to the 31 Connolystrasse where the Israeli players were sleeping. They took nine players from apartment 1 and apartment 3 as hostages. Some tried to fight back, and two of them were killed on the spot. The news began to spread out, and the police was informed. The terrorists demanded the release of 234 prisoners from Israeli prison and two prisoners from German prison. The authorities tried to convince the terrorists to lower their demands but all they succeeded to do was to extend the deadline. There was a deadlock between both parties and the terrorists understood very well, that their demands will not be met and therefore, they asked for two planes to fly to Cairo, Egypt with the hostages. The authorities agreed, but the Germans knew that they could not let the terrorists fly out of Germany, so they decided to attack the apartment where the hostages were kept but their plan was somehow leaked to the terrorists. The Germans then decided to face the terrorists at the airport and after a fierce contest; the Germans could slay five terrorists and captured three of them but all the hostages were killed. This made the Germans

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Case study one and two Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case study one and two - Term Paper Example The partner would have to buy in to acquire equity in the company. A good way to determine the valuation of Mystic Monk Coffee is to hire a consultant to determine the value of the firm. The new partner will provide the firm with cash that can be used to expand the business. The partner will also bring human capital into the organization. A second constraint the company faces is limited workforce capacity. The firm only has three employees. Once the new partner comes on board the company can solve the problem by hiring three additional employees. The new employees can help the company in its expansion plan. A growth plan of adding another store managed by the new partner can give the firm added exposure and it can double the revenues. The beer industry is the United States generates $100 billion in revenues annually. Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage worldwide. As a drinkable beverage beer has lots of substitutes. Beer can be substituted by water, sodas, tea, juice, and hot beverages including coffee and chocolate. If we narrow the product category, beer is an alcoholic beverage. Wines, rum, vodka, and other hard liquors are substitutes to beers. The bargaining power of the buyers in the beer industry is affected by various factors. The list below illustrates three of those factors and its relative power: There are several critical success factors in the beer industry. One important factor for success in the beer industry is advertising. Beer companies spend billions of dollars each year on advertising using multiple media channels including television, radio, billboards, and the internet. The target market that is aggressively targeted in advertising by beer companies is people between the ages of 18-35 years of age. A second critical success factor is customer loyalty. Beer companies depend on the repeated business of its customers to generate revenues on a