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We Must Demand the Moral and Ethical Application of Technology :: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays

We Must De earthd the Moral and Ethical Application of TechnologySince the beginning of human history, earth has appeared as a nutshell that encloses more secrets. These secrets flummox hindered man from accomplishing his dream of mastering the world. However, as need is known to be the mother of invention, man has started to be critical about e truly phenomenon that takes place. Accordingly, breeding has been regarded as an important tool for the improvement of humanity. Throughout the years, education has given birth to a huge database of scientific principles. Technology is known to be the cover of scientific principles to the problems of everyday life. Technology is the ability of no other species but humans. Moreover, technological activity has been a measure of civilization. One cannot imagine a troupe without technology, as it will hardly be advanced or long-lived. Technology in itself is morally and ethically neutral. However, it is a double-edged weapon. The twentieth c entury has witnessed an organic upheaval in the negative usage of technology. Therefore, many voices provoke been raised asking for a moral technology that respects human rights and ethical codes. It is very important to discuss this issue together with the role of various institutions that trigger the widespread of this idea for the benefit of humanity and for a better future on earth.Aristotle has outlined that man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but, when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all. Technology has been used primarily for the welfare of humanity. Through technological advancements, many secrets of the universe have been revealed contributing to the overall man civilization. No one can deny that good and evil are as old as the existence of man on earth. However, one can trace that as man reaches more and more progress, he looses more and more of his good instinctive human nature. This interest but depressing relation poses many questions conce rning the effect of technology on our lives. Sadly, we have witnessed many examples that show us that many immoral actions and unethical practices have been a sign of the last decades. It is crucial to define some terminologies that add a lot to our understanding of our life in general such as human rights, ethics, and morality. These important concepts will help us to see technology in a wider vision rather than the narrow one that most commonwealth perceive.

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Entry Criteria to the Euro :: Euro Finances Economics Essays

Entry Criteria to the Euro1.Entry criteriaThe four entry criteria are set out in hold 121(1) of the ECTreaty.A Member State must(prenominal) satisfy all four criteria in order to be able toenter the euro area.(Treaty quotes Sourcehttp// outgrowth/en/lvb/l25014.htm 02/02/2004)1.1. Price StabilityThe Treaty stipulates The achievement of a high degree of pricestability ... will be apparent from a graze of inflation which isclose to that of, at most, the three best-performing Member States interms of price stability.The inflation rate of a Member State must non pinch by more than 1.5%that of the three best-performing Member States in terms of pricestability for a year preceding the test for criteria compliance. TEST PASSED-----------1.2. organization FinancesThe Treaty stipulates The sustainability of the government financialposition ... will be apparent from having achieved a governmentbudgetary position without a deficit that is ebulli ent ....This stipulation gave rise to two criteria being drawn up by theCommission for the Council of Finance Ministers.A. The annual government deficit must not overhaul 3% of grossdomestic product (GDP) at the end of the preceding financial yearto the test for criteria compliance.B. Outstanding government debt must not exceed 60% of GDP at the endof the preceding financial year to the test for criteriacompliance. TEST PASSED1.3. Exchange RatesThe Treaty stipulates the observance of the normal vacillationmargins provided for by the exchange-rate mechanism of the EuropeanMonetary System, for at least two years, without devaluing against thecurrency of any other Member State.A. The Member State must clear controlled its exchange rate in linewith the Euro within the normal margins of the exchange-ratemechanism, without any break during the two years preceding thetest for criteria compliance.B. The Member State must not have devalued its currency against theEuro on its ow n initiative during the same period.The pound has been controlled in line with the normal margins of theERM and there has been no devaluation in the last two years. TEST PASSED-----------1.4. Long-Term Interest RatesThe Treaty stipulates the durability of convergence achieved by theMember State ... being reflected in the long-term interest-ratelevels.The nominal long-term interest rate must not exceed 2%of the threebest-performing Member States in terms of price stability. The period taken into consideration is the year preceding the test for criteriacompliance.

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The Employability Paradigm Essay -- Denis O’Sullivan’s Cultural Politi

The Employability figure of speechDenis OSullivans Cultural Politics and Irish Education since the 1950s (2006) makes the blood line that early civilize leaving has traditionally been understood as a failure of the individual to succeed within mainstream schooling. This essay plans to outline and support OSullivans argument and also to show how the political and educational system in Ireland has created a criterion for success which guarantees a certain amount of failure.OSullivans (2006) argues that the Employability Paradigm which emerged in the 1970s served to distinguish a group of students who were not achieving the standard needed to guarantee employment. Employability is the assessment of those with the lowest chance of success in an economically motivated nation. It posits that intervention is necessary to prevent those individuals who have failed within the system from being dependent on social wel off the beaten track(predicate)e and subsequently from being socially exc luded (OSullivan 2006). In the early 1970s, Irelands entry into the European economy and the changing employment market combined to connect education attainment to employability. As a result, educational credentials became the accepted way of assessing ability and this served to focus attention on those leaving school early with little or no qualifications. OSullivan argues that while the policy of the state, on the surface, seemed to support equal opportunity with the provision of free access to secondary education, the reality for most working class students was far from equitable. There were limited interventions available for those who needed help to develop the skills needed to benefit from access to secondary education and these students became disenfranchised. The disc... and Youth Labour Markets A Cross-National depth psychology IN Blanchflower, D. and Freeman, R.Youth Employment and Joblessness in Advanced Countries. Chicago University of Chicago Press.Mac Einri, P. 1997. Some Recent Demographic Developments in Ireland. Online Available from http// Accessed seventh May 2012ODubhslain, A. 2006. The White Paper On Education A Failure To Invest. Student Economic Review. 20 p 115OSullivan, D. 2006. Cultural Politics and Irish Education since the 1950s. Ireland Cork University Press.Ronayne, T. 2004. Regions Without Work Unemployment and Labour Market Policy in Ireland. Online Available from http// Accessed 7th May 2012Stokes, D. 2004. Submission to the Youth Justice Agency. Online Available from Accessed 7th May 2012

DNA Analysis: Validity And Doubts :: essays research papers

desoxyribonucleic acid Criminal IdentificationValidity and Doubtsdesoxyribonucleic acid, although controversial on accuracy, has provided a new means of identifying criminals where there is little physical evidence. This in allows you to take a piece of hair, a spot of blood, or skin tissue and make a positive identification on a suspect. Since its first use by the FBI in December 1988 it has grown to become a major factor in criminal investigation. This new key gives them help when the crime scene lacks evidence. desoxyribonucleic acid evidence also allows detectives to narrow down suspects and keep innocent people from being prosecuted.In 1990 the FBI began development of a national DNA identification index. The FBI has sure over 10,000 submissions of DNA evidence from police agencies and DNA evidence has been used in over 500 cases throughout the United States. The FBI performs testing for free to all police agencies to help keep costs down in prosecuting criminals. More than 50 laboratories perform DNA analysis around the US. The chances of two people having the comparable DNA profile is 1 in 50,000 all the way to 1 in 5 million according to scientists estimates.DNA controls all our inheritable tuition like eye color, hair color, skin color, etc. DNA differs in all people except for identical twins. All cellular matter contains DNA this includes white blood cells, bone cells, tissue cells, spermatozoa, and hair root cells. Adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine be the building blocks of DNA strands which make up the letters of a inherited code. In certain regions of a DNA strand the sequence of genetic code is unique which allows scientists to identify an individual and exclude others.The FBI, Cellmark, and Lifecodes are the 3 major laboratories that courts accept DNA profiles from. As estimated by the FBI, the chances of two DNA samples being the same is as low as one in a trillion. Critics of DNA say that the FBI has falsely applied theories of population biology behind its calculations, so courtrooms make DNA seem inaccurate. More than half the states have a compulsory DNA testing of all people convicted of sexual charges and violent offenses, to help in future criminal investigations. Although some people say that this is an invasion of privacy, its a good way to prosecute repeat offenders and find suspects when only DNA evidence is available. As accurate as DNA profiling is, there are still many questions about the

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Repression, Isolation, Segregation and the Urban Ghetto Essay -- Black

Repression, Isolation, Segregation and the Urban GhettoAfrican Americans have systematically been denied equal opportunities and this is particularly true within American inner cities. The social, cultural, and economic isolation of these urban ghettos has profound impacts and affects on its dwellers. This isolation and segregation has led to the evolution of profoundly divergent and dichotomous life chances for downcast and white Americans. The black urban ugly are confronted with a lifestyle that promotes oppositional culture to the norms of society and challenged by an everyday exposure to violence, drugs, and crime. This paper attempts to explore the historical conditions that laid the foundation for the modern black urban ghetto. Racism and segregation have a long history in America. For most of Americas history, black Americans have been denied fundamental rights that accept the right own property and the right to vote. Until the 1920s, racial discrimination was large ly considered a product of the backward practices of an economically and socially antiquated South. Because of their powerful rhetoric, all important(p) political connections, and financial support, northern whites had often been important activists in early fights for racial equality. Northern whites saw their urban environment as socially and economically integrated. Black doctors, lawyers and financiers mingled freely with upper class whites this unconscious socialization was not only common among white collar professions but also amongst the middle and reduce classes.Unfortunately, this social harmony would end abruptly with the second Great Migration of southern blacks to northern cities during the 1940s and 1950s. This migration resulted f... ...African Americans. More importantly, this history illustrates the continued importance of race and its interchange linkage to the problems of poverty. BibliographyAnderson, E. StreetWise. Chicago University of Chicago Pres s, 1990.Clark, K. Dark ghetto dilemmas of social power. overbold York Harper and Row, 1965.Hirsch, A. Making the second ghetto race and housing in Chicago, 1940-1960. Chicago University of Chicago Press, 1998.Kotlowitz, A. at that place are no children here. New York Anchor Books, 1991.Massey, D. and Nancy Denton. American apartheid. Cambridge, MA Harvard University Press, 1998.Murray, C. Losing ground. New York BasicBooks, 1994.Oliver, M. and Thomas M. Shapiro. Black wealth, white wealth. New York Rouledge, 1997. Piven, F. and Richard A. Cloward. Poor peoples movements. New York Vintage Books, 1977.

Repression, Isolation, Segregation and the Urban Ghetto Essay -- Black

Repression, Isolation, Segregation and the Urban GhettoAfrican Americans have systematically been denied equal opportunities and this is particularly true within American inner cities. The social, cultural, and economic closing off of these urban ghettos has profound impacts and affects on its dwellers. This isolation and segregation has led to the evolution of profoundly divergent and dichotomous life chances for black and white Americans. The black urban poor are confronted with a lifestyle that promotes oppositional culture to the norms of society and challenged by an everyday exposure to violence, drugs, and crime. This paper attempts to explore the historical conditions that laid the foundation for the new-fashioned black urban ghetto. Racism and segregation have a long history in America. For most of Americas history, black Americans have been denied inherent rights that include the right own property and the right to vote. Until the 1920s, racial discrimination was la rgely considered a product of the backward practices of an economically and socially antiquated South. Because of their strong rhetoric, important political connections, and financial support, northern whites had often been important activists in early fights for racial equality. Northern whites saw their urban environment as socially and economically integrated. Black doctors, lawyers and financiers mingled freely with upper class whites this unconscious socialization was not only common among white collar professions but also amongst the optic and lower classes.Unfortunately, this social harmony would end abruptly with the second Great Migration of southern blacks to northern cities during the 1940s and 1950s. This migration resulted f... ...African Americans. More importantly, this history illustrates the continued importance of escape and its central linkage to the problems of poverty. BibliographyAnderson, E. StreetWise. scratch University of Chicago Press, 1990.C lark, K. Dark ghetto dilemmas of social power. New York Harper and Row, 1965.Hirsch, A. Making the second ghetto race and housing in Chicago, 1940-1960. Chicago University of Chicago Press, 1998.Kotlowitz, A. There are no children here. New York Anchor Books, 1991.Massey, D. and Nancy Denton. American apartheid. Cambridge, MA Harvard University Press, 1998.Murray, C. Losing ground. New York BasicBooks, 1994.Oliver, M. and Thomas M. Shapiro. Black wealth, white wealth. New York Rouledge, 1997. Piven, F. and Richard A. Cloward. Poor peoples movements. New York Vintage Books, 1977.

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Environmental Health Essay

Overcrowding Overcrowding in houses laughingstock arise from several causes, and the physical and psychological effects on plurality living in overcrowded conditions flowerpot be quite severe. Overcrowding poses serious direct and indirect health risks to all in all segments of the population, particularly the elderly, one-year-old children, and the disabled. Overcrowding results in insufficient ventilation in homes, causing or exacerbating respiratory illness. Susceptibility to disease, the severity of diseases, the spreading of illness, and the mortality due to disease all increase as a result of social and physical overcrowding.Overcrowding physically and emotionally overburdens mothers and other c argivers, increasing health risks of dep haltents. Lack of space and overcrowding directly impacts on the physical development and psychological wellbeing of disabled residents. Children living in overcrowded and unfit conditions be more likely to experience respiratory problems s uch as coughing and asthmatic and wheezing. For numerous children this means losing sleep, restricted physical activity, and missing school.Effects of overcrowding include meningitis, tuberculosis, heart disease, stomach cancer, respiratory disease. Children in overcrowded housing are up to 10 times more likely to contract meningitis than children in general. Meningitis can be life threatening. Long-term effects of the disease include deafness, cecity and behavioural problems. Children in unfit and overcrowded homes miss school more frequently due to illnesses and infections. Overcrowding is linked to delayed cognitive development, and homelessness to delayed development in communicating skills.Urbanization Movement of people from rural to urban areas with population step-up equating to urban migration. It is a double edged sword as on one hand it provides people with varied opportunities and scope for economic development and on the other hand it exposes community to new threats. Unplanned urban harvest-feast is associated with environmental degradation meaning that population demands that go beyond the environmental service capacity, such as drinking water, sanitation, and waste disposal and treatment.Rapid growth of urban centres has led to substandard housing on marginal land and overcrowding. Outbreaks of diseases transmitted through respiratory and faeco-oral r asidee due to population density. It exacerbates health risks think to insufficient and poor water supply and poor sanitation systems. Lack of privacy leading to depression, anxiety, stress etc. Due to the numbers of motorized vehicles and industries in the cities of the developing world Problems of noise and air pollution arise. Air pollution can affect our health in many ways with both short-term and long-term effects.Short-term air pollution can aggravate medical conditions like asthma and emphysema. Long-term health effects can include inveterate respiratory disease, lung cancer, heart dis ease, and even damage to other vital organs. Water pollution Water pollution can come from a number of antithetical sources. If the pollution comes from a single source, such as an crude spill, it is called point-source pollution. If the pollution comes from many sources, it is called nonpoint-source pollution. Most types of pollution affect the immediate area surrounding the source.sometimes the pollution may affect the environment hundreds of miles away from the source, such as nuclear waste, this is called trans boundary pollution. Industrial and agricultural work involves the use of many dissimilar chemicals that can run-off into water and pollute it. Metals and solvents from industrial work can pollute rivers and lakes. These are poisonous to many forms of aquatic life and may slow their development, coiffure them infertile or even result in destruction. Pesticides are used in farming to control weeds, insects and fungi.Run-offs of these pesticides can cause water polluti on and poison aquatic life. Subsequently, birds, humans and other animals may be poisoned if they eat infected fish. Petroleum is another form of chemical pollutant that usually contaminates water through oil spills when a ship ruptures. Oil spills usually have only a localized effect on wildlife but can spread for miles. The oil cancause the death of many fish and stick to the feathers of seabirds causing them to lose the ability to fly.Industry is a huge source of water pollution, it produces pollutants that are extremely harmful to people and the environment. Many industrial facilities use freshwater to carry away waste from the plant and into rivers, lakes and oceans. Pollutants from industrial sources include ? Asbestos This pollutant is a serious health hazard and carcinogenic. Asbestos fibres can be inhaled and cause illnesses such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer, intestinal cancer and liver cancer. ?Lead This is a metallic element and can cause health and environm ental problems. It is a non-biodegradable substance so is hard to clean-living up once the environment is contaminated.Lead is harmful to the health of many animals, including humans, as it can curtail the action of bodily enzymes. ?Mercury This is a metallic element and can cause health and environmental problems. It is a non-biodegradable substance so is hard to clean up once the environment is contaminated. Mercury is also harmful to animal health as it can cause illness through mercury poisoning. ?Nitrates The increase use of fertilisers means that nitrates are more often being washed from the soil and into rivers and lakes.This can cause eutrophication, which can be very moot to ocean environments. ?Phosphates The increased use of fertilisers means that phosphates are more often being washed from the soil and into rivers and lakes. This can cause eutrophication, which can be very problematic to marine environments. ?Sulphur This is a non-metallic substance that is harmf ul for marine life. ?Oils Oil does not dissolve in water, instead it forms a thick layer on the water surface. This can stop marine plants receiving enough light for photosynthesis.It is also harmful for fish and marine birds. ?Petrochemicals This is formed from gas or petrol and can be toxic to marine life. Carbon footprint Man-made climate change, or global warming, is caused by the release of certain types of gas into the atmosphere. The dominant celluloid greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO2), which is emitted whenever we burn fossil fuels in homes, factories or power stations. But other greenhouse gases are also all-important(prenominal). Methane (CH4), for example, which is emitted mainly by agriculture and landfill sites, is 25 times more buckram per kilogram than CO2.Even more potent but emitted in smaller quantities are nitrous oxide (N2O), which is round 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide and released mainly from industrial processes and farming, and refriger ant gases, which are typically several thousand times more potent than CO2. In the UK, the total impact on the climate breaks down like this carbon dioxide (86%), methane (7%), nitrous oxide (6%) and refrigerant gases (1%). Given that a single item or activity can cause multiple different greenhouse gases to be emitted, each in different quantities, a carbon footprint if written out in full could get pretty confusing.To avoid this, the convention is to express a carbon footprint in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent or CO2e. This means the total climate change impact of all the greenhouse gases caused by an item or activity rolled into one and expressed in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide that would have the same impact. Loss of biodiversity Human activities are responsible for most of the loss in biodiversity throughout the world. With an increasing population, we are consuming more and more natural resources.. We do this by driving more, using more energy in our homes, and bu ying many more products than we need.Biodiversity is important since it provides us with raw materials that we use to make products such as clothes, shoes and paper. And although we use many natural products and materials in our daily lives, we also use many human-made chemicalscleaners, fertilizers, bug spray, pesticides, and many others. Even though we use them to help us, they have many side effects. Toxins and pollution are very harmful to biodiversity. The chemicals that we use end up in our waterways. Plants and animals are killed by oil spills. Wildlife gets caught in plastic trash.

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Describe Techniques to Enhance Group Communication

Describe Techniques to enhance group communication Effective group communication begins with knowledge and sensitivity. A good manager should know their group and be able to effectively analyze how they work or analyze information. The manager should be creative in addressing mixed groups with the foresight that every wholeness could and probably go away oppose to the message oppositely. Communication is the key factor in a group for portraying thoughts and messages. A manager should be creative in expressing these thoughts in much(prenominal) a way that everyone can take hold of it with their own personality and still come out with the same message.Groups will come to barriers created by somebody evaluation of the meaning of a managers message. All ideas will be distorted due to each individual perception of an idea. As a group grows, so do the number of meanings that a message can carry. Each individual will input their own emotions, wants and needs into the message a manager i s nerve-wracking to carry forward. Timing is key in delivering an effective message. If morale is down, messages about lay-offs or cost cutting are not going to be original well.If a manager can try to approach a group that is on a high note, most studies show that any information will be accepted and allowed to sink in before reacting irrationally. In each group, everyone will have their own creative thoughts to express. The problem is that usually everyone has a different view to express about their meaning of the idea on the table. Each person should be allowed to convey their thoughts and a discussion may aid in hammering out everyones difference so that each member of the group can gain an understanding of how the other person came to their conclusion.Managers should allow for a brainstorming session so that everyone has an equal opportunity to share and explode upon ideas. This can also open creative doors in people that may commonly not come forward. However, when they see a team working together, they may see a door of opportunity and jump in. Weve already learned that one message can carry many meanings for groups of people. If the same group of people are allowed to stretch, share and explain their reasoning, it could bring the group closer while pitch them closer to a shared evaluation of the message being brought forward.

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Dramatic irony Essay

Chapter 18/19 is a link between the first st climb on of flogs Great Expectations and the trio stage. clear up is in the 4th year of strikes apprenticeship to Joe. A eerie unexpectedly approaches with bullying legal manners. The stranger is Jaggers, a London Lawyer, who announces that point has inherited great expectations and therefore great raft from a mysterious benefactor. He will now stand to leave the forge and be educate as a gentleman. Pip is warned that the terms of the contract. He must not plank to know the name of the benefactor, and must also keep his nickname of Pip. This reminds us that there will be continuity between the apprentice and the gentleman.Due to circumstantial evidence Pip assumes, and is convinced that Miss Havisham is his benefactor. (Miss Havisham is a soused spinster, turned fanatical and cruel, after being jilted on her wedding mean solar day. He spent many childhood days at her house-Satis house to pretend with Pips love, Estella, her ad opted daughter-regardless of being made bitter hearted by Havisham). He remembers seeing Jaggers at Satis house and notes that his tutor to be Matthew Pocket. It is opera hat if she is his benefactor as they be related. This is the only way he can be a real gentleman. However, Jaggers warns us that we have no indorsement for this opinion. Joe refuses to accept compensation for the loss of his apprentice, Pip. He exclaims Pip is that hearty wel returnto go free with his services, to honour, and fortun as no words can tell him. only if you think money can compensate to me for the loss of the little child-what come to the forge-and ever the best of friends -This tells us that Pips happiness and wellbeing is genuinely important to Joe, he has no qualms about the greater opportunities that Pip can gain. Not only are they relatives, on a more sincere level, they are good friends too. Pip is very happy about the fact that he is going to finally be able to follow his ambitions of becom ing a gentleman. forward he goes he notices something, I saw Joehe never smoked so late, and it seemed to hint to me that he wanted comforting, for some reason or other.His recognition is hindered by the reason that he can not understand how much Joe cares about him, or why he is even sad, this signifies a further crack in their relationship. Pip resents the touch of sadness in the congratulations of Joe and Biddy. As he goes to bed, he is surprised that his good fortune makes him feel intimately lonely, lost in the mazes of my future fortunes could not trace the paths we had trodden together. A key emotion that deepens is illustrated.On Pip taking a last locomote on the marshes, he dismisses the memory of the convict-thinking that he will never see him again, after all these years. He already starts acting like a snob, grooming generous disdain towards the villagers. He even asks Biddy (Joes wife after the death of Mrs Joe) to improve Joes manners in order to suit him for a higher sphere. When Biddy answers that Joe has his own pride, Pip accuses her of envy. Pips snobbish demeanour results in his refusal to be seen with Joe, despite Joe being a continuous, stable and almost father like, loving figure to him.Pip leaves for London just, but is seized with remorse on the coach So subdued I was by those tears..I deliberated with an aching heart. The reader has little sympathetic approach to see him facial expression terrible. Joe and Biddys dignity contrasts with the behaviour of everyone else. Everyone else contains hopes to use Pips fortune for their own ends demonstrations of artificial kindness/warmth towards him are made. devil lets us know that there are many passel around who are sooner selfishly on the pursuit for filling their own short comings, but there are also some people who arent. Lower class people are depicted truly loving.The last phrase in this chapter creates a stepping stone for the climax of the story. The world lay spread befor e me. This indicates that Pip is losing his innocence and is about to enter a world of sin. Pips division of mind, is illustrated by rapid changes in mood elation to pettishness (I feel offended) and condescension (handsomely forgiving her). We are bought about to a sense that things may end with wistfulness and loneliness for Pip. In chapter 39 the narrative shows that Pip isnt completely happy about the way his invigoration has turned out. I was alone and had the dull sense of being alone.This shows that Pips pursuit of his great expectations has led him to great loneliness. Pip is dispirited and anxious, he is still long hoping, and long disappointed. This suggests that he has some issues about what he has happened. Even though he has got the big opportunity to become a gentleman, his liveness still feels like there is a missing element, which he has been yearning for, for a long time-shown by the repetition of the word long, this could be love.The scene is set on a curiously ferocious, gloomy stormy night. The conditions is very unsettled. It was wretched weather stormy and wet mud, mud, mud, deep in all the streets. Day after daymonster uses repetition to emphasize the significance and effects of Magwitchs resurface. Irony plays a major role here, compellingly helping to set the mood of the scene. Stormy weather/atmosphere is used to convey an artifice of uncertainty embarking around Pip, connecting first chapter. Pips feelings are expressed, throwing us back to the graveyard scene.Dramatic badinage is finely tuned here preparing us for Magwitchs much anticipated return. The lights have gone out, due to the bad weather. Dramatically this shows that Magwitch has arrived, and ironically he is about to splash out the light of Pips life-being a gentleman. Magwitch has come to meet Pip, he represents the voice from the darkness beneath coming up. Pip cant see Magwitch properly, and so does not know that it is him. The expression on the mysterious visitor s face both puzzles and annoys Pip, he feels unsure about the person, but the man gives off the postage that he is happy to have met him.In the instant I had seen a face that was strange to me, flavoring up with an incomprehensible air of being affected and pleased by the sight of me. Pip resents the bright and gratified recognition that still shone on his (strangers) face, he is weary of the stranger. He doesnt want to respond to him and he shows this by inhospitably asking him questions, he thinks that he doesnt know who he is. The description of the strangers appearance is an indication from Dickens that shows that ironically this is Magwitch. Magwitch looks substantially dressed, but roughly, showing that although he has made a great deal of money, his old habits/ status have still stayed with him, his look voyager by the sea indicates that this man has travelled far to get here, Magwitch came from Australia, where he was last taken.He is muscular, in particular strong on his legs, shows that he could gala affair quite easily in spite of his age. Magwitch is browned and hardened as a result of exposure to harsh weather and labour. His hair is iron colorise like irons that convicts would wear to prevent them from escaping. Dickens is trying to relate Magwitch to the realities of crime, to show Pip and both the reader that it was near impossible to shake of the check of crime, even if you had made a large fortune to show as well, at the time. The mans actions are a clue that he is in fact Magwitch. He continually holds out both of Pips hands, which Pip reluctantly gives, grasping them heartily and kisses them. This shows a relationship between them, although a large number of years since contact have passed.The narrative shows Pips response to be a stupid kind of amazement towards the stranger holding out his hands to him. Pip is half suspecting him to be mad, and wished him gone, which shows the lack of affection that Pip feels towards a man who clear ly shows him some. Dickens is carefully dripping in the truth for added affect. The dialogue explains how Pip recognises the stranger, (shaking his head with deliberate affection) Youre a game oneIm glad youve grown up, a game one But dont catch hold of me. Youd be sorry afterwards to have done it. Magwitch tells Pip that he shouldnt try to stop him, last time Pip almost got into trouble for helping him. Magwitch just wants to meet Pip and then he will leave. The audience knows that the stranger is Magwitch, where up until now Pip doesnt.The dialogue and narrative proves, to everyone, that the man is Magwitch. He reveals news about his life in Australia. He lets us know how he made his fortune, through land and stock, especially the tough agricultural industry. He has been a stock farmer, a sheep farmer and other trades beside. Magwitch reveals, by hints, that he is Pips benefactor. He coyly pretends to guess important facts about Pip and his coming of fortunes. income since you com e of agefirst figure, now. Five there ought to have been some guardian (while he was a minor) the first letter of that lawyers name, now.Would it be J? Pips reaction to the news comes as a blow to him the moment of truth of his position is powerfully portrayed through the language, narrative, and description. its disappointments, dangers, disgraces, consequences of all kinds rushed in such tidy sum that I was borne down struggle to breath. The effective use of descriptive alliteration and long sentence structure vividly highlights Pips overwhelming flight of emotions that come flashing down upon him. He is especially disgusted as his hopes of being a gentleman have come crashing down, almost like a feeling reflected by the weather, a vast heavy veil driving over him. His distress is exemplified by the fact that he deserted his loyal friend Joe for the life that the convict Magwitch has given.

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Black Genocide Essay

Black Genocide in the 21st century besides called Maafa is an anti-abortionist documentary made in 2009 that speaks closely the relevance of assume control, White the States and Black America, intend descent and how it was established, also, the conspiracy behind abortion. The movie also deeply discusses the argument between abortion be genocide and it specifically targeting African Americans.Black Genocide was a very intriguing and interesting piece of material that filled my knowledge with often to a greater extent than I had intended it doing. Before watching this video, I knew a little about abortion but not about the black genocide part. You see, I knew that abortion was a way for the government to obtain legal rights to abort children who werent able to be cared for but I didnt know the government was using abortion as a way to limit the black population. I also knew that African Americans were having a lot of abortions and there were, and still is a lot of abortion fa cilities but never put together the idea of how they were getting access to this information, furthermore, the connection between eugenics and genocide.During the film, I learned so much information that is disgusted me and changed many of my views toward abortion and other things. I learned that in the early 1800s, Americans feared retribution and resurrection because slavery was supposed to have ended. Intermarriage also lead to the loss of international purity and for that, they had a plan of colonization. Colonization was an affect that took place, and caused African Americans to be sent back to Africa. After the colonization, the new philosophical system was established and was called eugenics, the perfect solution to what was known as negro dilemma. I also learned that Eugenics believed that Africans were inferior and without guidance, they couldnt make it. Margaret Sanger was the founder of the American birth control league and was successful for promoting abortion and birth control.After watching the 21st century of black genocide, I wanted to know more about the situation with the NAACP and why the government still hasntpublicly announced the conflict between the protesters and there undercover targets. Id also uniform to know more about the positive and negative eugenics and why White America was considered positive eugenics when it was used to try and dominate the black parts of America and used as a companion to exterminate African Americans. Id also like to know more about Planned Parenthood and to see if the facilities were still being targeted in minority places. Id also like to know more about White America and the Planned Parenthood meetings, and also if Planned Parenthood groups still targeted low poverty neighborhoods of different race, such as Caucasians.

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For My Health Care Interview Paper

She works with me at Trihedral in Cincinnati, OH, as an Insurance Coordinator. Also, she is a University of Phoenix graduate cast of 2012. I work very close with Tomcat Goodwin in the Insurance Verification incision, as an Outpatient Surgery Financial Counselor Rep II. In my makeup will discuss my interview I had with her. During the interview, she described her primary responsibility, her career path and did her college education prepare for her current job. She will discuss her length of manipulation at Trihedral , and identify the customer she assist.She gave me information for education requirements to cash in ones chips an Insurance Coordinator, and grow in the health care field. Lastly, she explained how she interacts with another(prenominal)s in their environment. To become a health care Insurance Coordinator formal education along with well versed knowledge on unlike health insurance policies. Tomcat G (2014) suggests that an unmarried needs to be current on differen t health care policy, so they can coordinate the patients benefits. The Insurance Coordinator has several(prenominal) responsibilities for assisting patients, health insurance companies, and various departments within the company.Tomcat G. (2014) says, As an Insurance Coordinator you will be responsible for assisting patients in dealing with the health insurance claims. Its your job to contact insurance companies and patients regarding outstanding balances. The soul must be initiative to resolve and research billing issues. Tomcat daily routine consists of preparing administrative and functional reports for our manager. She prepares invoices on behalf of the department manager. Finally, job duties include receiving incoming calls, and making outbound calls to other divisions.She has to have good communication skills. Growing up Tomcat always had a making love of helping others. As a little girl she planned to be a fire fighter, but she got older she found a passion for the healt hcare field. When her grandmother become ill and she discovered the lack of health care coverage her grandmother had. During her grandmother illness, Tomcat came across a few people and seeing the passion they had in their eyes to help others. Tomcat wanted that same feeling, while working with the community. After her grandmother passed away, she decided to go o school and subject field healthcare.Tomcat wasnt interested in being a physicians or nurse she wanted a road less traveled. She knew she wanted to do something in healthcare, but what she didnt know. After, several conversations with her Academic advisor, Tomcat knew she was making the best decision of life. Tomcat gradated from the University Of Phoenix 2012, with BBS in Healthcare Admit Management. She is currently working on her MBA at the University of Phoenix. Her long term goal is to be the director of Oral Surgery. Tomcat G feels that University of Phoenix prepared for the lath care industry.Her education prepared d ifferent promotions at Trihedral. Tomcat encouraged me to return back to school, and complete my degree. Tomcat has worked at Trihedral for 8 years and within these years she has been promoted 4 times to higher levels in the company. The department she works in goes beyond the job requirement. We help family members manage emotional and financial challenges of caring for their family members or loved ones. To be in this department the employee must have sympathy and compassion towards the customer. The employee customer will change day o day based on the employee is working.At times my customer whitethorn be the health insurance company am calling them to verify coverage and co payments for the patient. A few calls later my customer maybe the claims department, and other various departments. Tomcat feels that working in health care you were different hats to get the job done correctly. Tomcat thrives on being a leader in patient satisfaction through excellence and quality care to a ny customer. Trihedral is physicians, hospitals, and communities working together to help people live better. Trihedral is located in Cincinnati, OH.

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Sales Manager

In order to use the full potentials of the employees, the organization needs to motivate and encourage them. By motive the employees, their performance level increase that results in better achieving organizational goals. However, according to Maslows theory, the organization needs to cater to employees five basic needs physiological, safety, belongingness, repute and self-actualization (Jones, George, Hill, 1998). Among them, physiological need is the to the highest degree basic and important one.In this need, all employees need is an ample pay scale in which they fulfill their basic endurance needs such as food, residence, clothes etc. Now analyzing the problem faced at NL&C, the management needs to find the reasons for the lethargic attitude of the employees toward their work. The most probable complaints that the employees at NL&C do is that their basic stipend is low. The employees do not feel motivated towards their job that affects to the organizations performance.The HRM needs to critique the employee policy and ask the top-management to make an increase in their salary. Besides that, the management also needs to introduce the scheme of rewarding the employees with bonus rewards in which, if the employees are able to achieve a certain sales target, they would be given additional pay. In this way not only will they get per se motivated, but will also show their interest in their job tasks (Kreitner, Kinicki, 2004).In order to motivate the employees more, the top few employees of the month should also be awarded with perquisites. In this way, a sense of competition among employees will arouse and they will work harder and inclined towards their achieving the goals. Besides monetary motivation, the employees can be motivated by providing them with good job environment and ambience. The employees should also be given of certain level of delegation which triggers their decision-making power.The employees should also be given the sense of promotion on the basis of their performance. Thus the management needs to address to all those motivating factors in order to encourage them and make them work to their full capabilities. Once the NL&C management would take this initiative, there is definitely going to be a change in the employees attitude and will try to perform at their utmost level, which will result fruitful for NL&C for both short and long-term basis.

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Best Buy in China

outdo steals failure in chinaware is a nonher example of a s low-d give, arrogant major international role player that didnt hear chinaware. Their own explanation of why they failed Chinas demand for low prices without regard for service, is clearly a lame excuse. By Fang Yu, China Entrepreneur magazine lift out subvert shut down their nine stores in China on February 22nd, and at heart 48 hours fell into an unprecedented credibleness crisis. Customers rushed to best(p) buy stores on hearing the news and were locked outside security doors.They finally broke through the doors and went into the shops, partly to seek refunds on the extensive warranty policies they had purchased. Because of quarrels with staff over return policies, the snatch Municipal Government had to send police to maintain order. scoop up debauch, which has always boasted it was centered approximately consumers, neer predicted it would withdraw from the Chinese market in such a disgraceful way. bet ter spoil China top executives express the business closed because their simulation did not adapt to the Chinese market. trump Buy China president David Sisson verbalise, I have never worked in such a price-sensitive market. Best Buy shops within China were forced to close after a five year struggle Best Buy explains its failure with the excuse Chinese consumers pursue low prices rather than services. This excuse shows that Best Buy still does not understand why it failed. This excuse does not take into account that Chinas expense military unit is the fastest growing in the world.Home toilet facility expert and director of the Pal consulting firm Luo Qingqi argues luxury brands now entering into Chinese second- and third-tier cities, and the purchasing power for luxury cars in Chinese inland is no worse than in the premier(prenominal)-tier cities. snick Jie, a global partner at the Roland Berger consulting firm, notes that there are alien retailers running excellently Ch ina. Why not Best Buy? Slow and arrogant Dennis, who has worked for ten years selling audio products, worked as an employee at Best Buy until it shut its doors.After signing a compensation agreement, he began to seek a new job. He first came to a giant house servant concatenation giant to be interviewed, but he felt the treatment he received and business culture was too different from Best Buy, so he started looking for jobs at immaterial retail enterprises. Dennis says the experience of working at Best Buy was profound and lasting. Its difficult for him to adapt to the performance-oriented culture of domestic enterprises that stresses absolute obedience and brute execution.Instead, he has become used to Best Buys people-centered culture trying to win returning customers and promotion opportunities ground on giving good service. He also became used to the sound of the English name that the store provided him with. The employee culture of Best Buy, which is not based on sales volu me, enables the store to be peaceful, without a feeling of fierce competition between the sales staff. However, observers believe this unhurried lieu is exactly what drove Best Buy to become a loser in Chinas fiercely competitive home appliance market, which is dominated by the retailers Suning Appliance and Gome.When Best Buy entered China, Suning Appliance chairman Zhang Jindong said his company would ignore Best Buy for the next five years. Gome founder Huang Guangyu also said Best Buy could not compete with Gome in China because Best Buy did not have a sense of where to put its stores. People who participated in the press convocation announcing the acquisition of v wizardry Appliance by Best Buy in 2006 remember that Five Star founder Wang Jianguo was excited to announce the system of 300 stores annually with the financial backing of Best Buy.However, this plan was quickly denied by Best Buy top executives. Wang and his team eventually left the company. In the United States , Best Buy defeated the second-largest retailer Circuit City, which used a consignment model, similar to Gome and Suning in China. Best Buy then entered the Chinese market with the arrogance of a missionary, ignoring the gap between its own model and the Chinese market. In Best Buy stores, the aisles are clearly wider than in Suning and Gome, the shelves arent as crowded, and fewer brands and models are on display.Best Buy believes the space should be left for consumers rather than products. Suning Shanghai top executives pointed out North Americans prefer expand and wide stores, and dont require a wide range of product lines ranging from cheap and generic to expensive top quality brand names. Best Buys style is to a greater extent suitable to North Americans emphasizing individual freedom, and Chinas market is more similar to Japans. Insiders recalled Best Buys first China president Lu Weimin knew the local market very well.The Chinese-born American, who graduated from a special c lass of gifted teenagers of the University of lore and Technology of China, better understood the rules of Chinas home appliance industry than his colleagues. Lu Weimin helped to bring about the acquisition of Five Star. This helped Best Buy become a major retailer. However, Best Buy still did not want to give up the business model it developed and was proud of, and imagine of restructuring more home appliance retailers such as Five Star into the Best Buy fold.This resulted in a two-brand operation over the past five years, so that the Best Buy management teams resources and focus were diluted. Five Star former top executives recalled Lu Weimin pushed Best Buy to expand. Lu chose several properties in Shanghai, but, following Best Buys management process, all matters related to store disruptions must be reported to Best Buy International. Best Buys competitors were opening a new store every four or five days. Faced with the slow process of opening new stores, Lu hoped he could us e financial muscle to expand quickly.For instance, Best Buy bid for Shandong Sanlian Commercial, which in the end was acquired by Gome. Many foreign executives who are not familiar with the Chinese market have a hard time understanding the importance and feasibility of quickly opening stores. An investor said he had heard a foreign executive of a consumer goods company laugh at his Chinese colleagues, saying, What? How dare they plan to open 200 stores a year In fact, these scoffers generally only ever come to Shanghai and Hong Kong and have no idea of the width of the Chinese market.Managed by Best Buy, Five Star has expanded slowly (the deem of stores has only grown to more than 160 from nearly 140 in 2006). Lu left Best Buy in April 2007, after he was made a figurehead. He had worked there for more than ten years. When the news of the closure of Best Buy stores was released, a byg iodine top executive pointed out that if the failure was a result of a poor business model, why d id the Xujiahui store in Shanghai become one of the worlds top 50 stores, with an run revenue of RMB 500 million, becoming profitable in 2010? The Xujiahui stores property costs were denominated in U. S. ollars, and were the highest in the Best Buy system. One of the reasons for the success of the store was that its site was chosen when Wang Jianguo served as Best Buy global vice president. The superior post of the Xujiahui store was envied by competitors. Following in Wang Jianguos shoes, Best Buy sent many executives to China, who were good at IT systems and background management processes, but did not have experience in selecting sites and opening stores in unfamiliar cities. We can say they are outsiders At the root, it was caused by the people factor. If they had different people, the results would have been different. wanting its chance After stumbling through the first three years, Best Buy made some changes. In 2008, Best Buy started to speed up its expanding upon in Chi na, opening in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Beijing to lift the total number of stores to nine. This change was rooted in a shift in government policy. In September 2008, the Ministry of Commerce issued a document shifting the approval process for foreign retail stores from the national to the provincial level. Best Buy, which had a good human relationship with the Shanghai government, quickly opened more stores in Shanghai to consolidate its base. precisely compared with another retail giant, Wal-Mart, Best Buy again did not correctly understand the policy direction of the Chinese market. Wal-Mart quickly established wholly-owned companies (with taxes going to local authorities) in more than ten provinces in China, and quickly opened more than 30 stores in China in the first half of 2009, mainly in second- and third-tier cities. The new regulations of the Ministry of Commerce were intended to help foreign retailers make investments in China. The Shanghai market, where land is ex pensive, ended up putting a lot of pressure on Best Buy.At that time, Suning only allocated 10% of its planned stores to central Shanghai and center on opening stores in the suburbs, but Best Buy was making efforts to squeeze into the affectionateness business district, which was already full of the rival stores. The result was that the number of Best Buy stores grew, but diminishing returns did not cover the run costs. David Sisson hinted at this when he explained that he shut down all of the stores in China because the costs required to keep one or two stores open are actually are almost the same as the cost needed to keep nine stores open. Best Buy missed its window for rapid development, and perhaps had no time to think about how to enter more late into the Chinese market because it was struggling with strong competition and high land prices in first-tier cities the like Shanghai. Best Buy top executives were aware of the problems with the companys expansion. Under pressur e to make profits in 2010 (the 2010 third-quarter fiscal report shows Best Buy same-store sales fell 5%), Best Buy first adjusted the companys global management structure.Best Buy global vice president and Five Star CEO Wang Jian told China Entrepreneur, In 2010, Best Buy adjusted the organizational structure and set up the America region, Asia region and Europe region. One major reason for the adjustment is that Best Buy wanted to give full authority to enable it to be more localized in operation and development. At that time, Best Buys attitude to Five Star changed. Best Buy encouraged Five Star to open as many as stores as possible, but Five Star also faced the problem of lagging development.When Suning and Gome completed setting up in first- and second-tier cities and started planning to enter into third- and fourth-tier cities, Five Star was still only operating in limited areas and never opened stores in Shanghai. In Best Buys last days, the low-price commitment could be seen everywhere, and even the consumers could feel the change. Claire, a loyal Best Buy customer who works at a foreign company in Shanghai, said, Compared with the beginning, the number of salespeople in the store grew obviously. In the past, when you looked around by yourself in the store, no one would bother you. But at the end, if you stood in front of an item for a while, a salesperson would come up to you. Best Buy started taking the initiative to increase sales. Learning the wrong lesson After closing all of its China stores, Best Buy top executives said the lesson learned in the Chinese market is price, price and price In the opinion of Best Buy top executives, Chinese consumers sensitivity to the price is so overwhelming that Best Buys customer-centric values were meaningless. However, Best Buys customer-centric philosophy and various design details were adapted by Gome and Suning, making Best Buys conclusion questionable.The Five Star top executive interviewed by this magazi ne said the Best Buy model uses its own staff, unlike stores using a consignment model. He gave an example. A 5,000-square meter store needs 260 staff, and in consignment stores, generally 200 come from the manufacturers. But Best Buy will not open a store until recruiting all 260 staff. Because of the emphasis on service, the training period for retail staff is longer, with a six-month to one-year training period for management. A shortage of talent was an important reason for Best Buys slow rate of opening stores.Home appliance expert Luo Qingqi believes Best Buys problem is not that is acted like a traditional retailer (as opposed to selling on consignment like Gome and Suning) but the product line. Products sold at Best Buy stores were mainly foreign. Chinese brands such as Midea, which offers many popular product lines, did not seem on Best Buys shelves. Even the foreign brand Whirlpool cooperated more with Suning and Gome. We are operating within the Chinese market and will n otice which stores consumers like to visit, and use them as our main distribution channels, said a Whirlpool employee.Ding Jie, a global partner of the Roland Berger consulting firm, believes Best Buys high operating costs were not its main problem, but rather that Best Buy cut itself off from the supply chain by refusing to adapt the consignment model. Ding Jie said most staff members at Chinas consignment-based home appliance stores are employees of the manufacturers. In China, consumers do not have strong core brand awareness, and the difference among home appliances is not big. Manufacturers focus on distribution channels that allow them to collect market information and determine market trends.Manufacturers and distributors provide to the needs of consumers with the collaboration of the entire industrial chain. The Best Buy model serves consumers by being independent. But because there is no personalization and differentiation of products, it is bound to fail. check to Ding Jie, the main advantage of foreign retailers is their management model. But if they want to succeed in China, foreign retailers should let their local staff operate more freely and give them the power to adjust the business model. Many foreign retailers that failed in China might have succeeded if they empowered local staff.

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Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Pros & Cons of Legalizing hemp From Deborah White, former approximately. com Guide See More About marijuanaobama policiescivil liberties Photo John Moore/Getty Images Ads The Arcadia Spine Center www. TheArcadiaSpineCenter. com Specializing in holistic treatment for neck pain in the ass, and low hazard pain Alcohol Ab persona Solutions www. AskListenLearn. com Take The Pledge & Say No To Alcohol Well Help You come upon Your Goals. Is He Cheating On You? Spokeo. com/Cheating-Spouse-Search 1) Enter His E-Mail Address 2) See Hidden Pics & Social Profiles promptlyMore US Liberal Politics Ads hemp Juvenile villainy Statistics Cons Politics Weed Ads relegate a Lawyer Free www. LegalMatch. com Free, Confidential Lawyer Locator. Save Time Describe Your Case at one time Free teeth whitening www. arcadiamaindental. com Cosmetic & Family Dentist Arcadia Please call or email for elaborate (Continued from Page 1) Pros (See page one of this article for current developments and milest ones in U. S. marijuana history. ) Primary reasons in reinforcer of healthyizing marijuana argon Social ReasonsProhibition of marijuana is unwarranted g overnment intrusion into individual freedom of choice. Marijuana is no more harmful to a persons health than alcohol or tobacco, which are both legal and widely used, and regulated by the U. S. Food & Drug Administration. Marijuana has proven medical benefits for masscer, AIDS, glaucoma and other patients. Crime and violence, both within the U. S. and at the U. S. -Mexico border, are greatly increased due to illegal selling and purchase of marijuana. Legalization would logically end the need for such criminal behavior.Law Enforcement Reasons National statistics show 872,000 arrests last socio-economic class related to marijuana, 775,000 of them for possession, not sale or manufacturing sparking some critics to suggest that the resources of the criminal middlingice system, including the crowded acres prisons and courts, might be better used elsewhere, per the San Francisco Chronicle in 2009. Drug busts of youth for marijuana offenses frequently carry harsh penalties that can cause undue social harm with lifelong consequences. Fiscal Reasons Marijuana is one of Americas top-selling agricultural products.One California politician estimates that marijuana sales in his land top $14 billion each year. New tax revenues from legalized marijuana sales could exceed $1 billion just for California. This wealthy new source of tax revenues nationwide would help lift the U. S. economy out of its worst nook in decades. mainstream pundits like Fox News Glenn Beck and CNNs Jack Cafferty have publicly questioned the billions spent each year contend the endless war against do drugss, per the San Francisco Chronicle in 2009.If marijuana was legalized and regulated, an estimated $8 billion would be saved annually in government spending on enforcement, including for the FBI and U. S. -Mexico border security. Cons Prim ary reasons against legalizing marijuana are Social Reasons some(prenominal) Americans believe that marijuana ingestion is immoral, and that their moral standards should be required of all Americans. Long-term or disgraceful use of marijuana can be harmful to a persons health and well-being. Second-hand smoke from marijuana can be harmful to others. Many allege that regular marijuana use can lead to use of harder, more harmful drugs such as heroin and cocaine.Law Enforcement Reasons Some opponents of legalizing marijuana believe that individuals snarly in illegal buying and selling of the drug are more likely than average to be involved in other crimes, and that society is safer with marijuana offenders incarcerated. Law enforcement agencies dont want to be construed as supporting drug use. There are no signficant fiscal reasons against U. S. legalization of marijuana. Where It Stands On June 23, 2011, a federal bill to amply legalize marijuana was introduced in the House by Rep . Ron Paul (R-TX) and Rep.Barney Frank (D-MA. ) The bill would re act marijuana from controlled substance classification. Commented Congressman Frank to the Christian Science Monitor, Criminally prosecuting adults for making the choice to smoke marijuana is a waste of law enforcement resources and an intrusion on personal freedom. I do not suggest urging people to smoke marijuana, neither do I urge them to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke tobacco, but in none of these cases do I think prohibition enforced by criminal sanctions is good public policy. In November 2010, Californians will vote via state referendum whether or not Californians over age 21 would be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, and grow their declare plants on a plot up to 5 feet by 5 feet large. Additionally, Washington, New Hampshire and Massachusetts state legislatures are slated to vote on marijuana legalization bills in 2010. And more than 20 other states are considering bills to otherwise loosen criminalization of marijuana use and possession. Will chairperson Obama Move to Legalize medical examination Marijuana?Esquire magazine reported in December 2008, after Obamas election but before his inauguration, Turns out, with some(prenominal) drug-war veterans close to the president-elects ear, insiders think reform could come in Obamas second term or sooner. Certainly, Obama may move to decriminalize marijuana for medical reasons. The San Francisco Chronicle reported in February 2009 During one campaign appearance, Obama recalled that his mother had died of crabby person and said he saw no difference between doctor-prescribed morphine and marijuana as pain relievers.He told an interviewer in March that it was entirely appropriate for a state to legalize the medical use of marijuana with the uniform controls as other drugs prescribed by doctors. States Could Be Given Jurisdiction Over Marijuana If President Obama does move to support decriminalization of marijuana, look for him to do so by granting states the jurisdiction to decide this issue, just as states decide marriage laws for their

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What is Child Poverty, its Key Causes and Impacts?

As a result of the economic crisis, the amount of children in risk of impoverishment is growing. Poverty is considered to be lack of access to financial resources, services and chances for the young concourse to develop, plump successful, confident and flourish. nestlingren in poverty atomic number 18 those ones living in families in low income and who rumpt meet the nice standard of tone. The failure to protect young people from deprivation is one of the significant mistakes which one confederacy could admit.The highest price is paid by the children, but the society is veneering a cost as intumesce less(prenominal) people with good qualification, lower productivity, woeful wellness education, high risk of unemployment and dependence to hearty benefits, and loss of community connection. This is the reason wherefore the organisation and many independent organisations, comparable CPAG, Barnardos, JRF, Save the Children, e.g., pull back a strong attempt to find the so lution and end the children poverty, obtaining an efficient resolution required to conk out the problem in his dept. To understand what stands behind the meaning we cod to examine the factors included in Child Poverty measurement, what causes it and the impacts.Its difficult to clarify the definition of child poverty and to observe the number of young people living in it. To specify the problem, the government activity has generated a multidimensional measure of child poverty. The elements in this measurement atomic number 18 created on researches of whats causing the privation and how it impacts on childrens lives. The first element is the Income. Its holding the draw position in the adolescents life, for example, the parents on low income cannot afford to buy accurate clothes and healthy food.The Government is taking into account the Material Deprivation as well. This measure includes factors like the frequency of enjoyable activities and societal gatherings families can per form like birthday celebrations, friends visits and community meetings.Another component is the Poor lodgment. Poor housing is an unheated home, congested, overloaded or in unsafe area. Living in that environment can have an instant impact on childrens health, comfort and self-esteem.Access to Quality Education is another important component. go to a school with satisfying facilities and outstanding teachers can emancipate the achievement in children, where the opposite aid a falling school, could put a stop on a childs motivation and future(a) success. Thats why the Government registered it as an important part of the child poverty measurement.Another main point is Family Stability. Children growing in aggressive surroundings, with violent parents and children witnessing divorcement are more likely to develop mental and visible feverishnesses and behaviour.The last element, Parental Health, has a remarkable effect upon young people. Looking after their ill parents can put a barrier childrens progress.Multiple factors could cause child poverty, but some of them are very difficult to be identified. Thats why we will look at most remarkable ones.Workless is a significant component. This can cause depressive conditions, alcoholism and loss of confidentiality in some parents. It has a negative interference in childrens wellbeing as well, expressed in an inadequate behaviour, lack of interests in future realization and less independence.Additional cause is Unmanageable Debt. The inaccurate financial management can leave parents with less or no money to cover the primary needs of their children. Furthermore, consumer research published in disturb Argument Survey (1998) have found that the money issues are the main cause of arguments within couples, expanding the dangers of family sectionalization and stress in youngsters.Working doesnt always mean that people are far from poverty. There are twomore important factors to be mentioned here the Parental Skill Level and Low stipendiary Work. The lack of good qualifications increases the chances of unemployment or low payment. The results are low-income and deprivation. Many circumstances within the family life can cause child poverty, including ineffective beneficial system, disability, e.g., lone parents households.Growing up in indigent reach has irreversible consequences among childrens welfare, their personality, emotional development and future potential. The poverty affects childrens physical, emotional and psychological health. Injuries and terminal in youngsters are closely linked to livelihood in poor housings and unsafe areas where the risks factors, like main busy roads and crime, are higher.A range of chronic conditions, like asthma, diabetes and dental caries, iron privation anaemia, cerebral palsy, low birth weight and preterm birth are associated with the social deprivation. Acute illness, pneumonia and tubercular transmission are greater among children in social disad vantage. Poor behaviour and emotional problems in children are socially patterned. The crime offences in children, underage pregnancies and teenage motherhood are more common in strip and disadvantaged communities.Infants born in poor families often develop delay in speech and understanding, and , agree to Social Mobility Narrowing Social Class Educational Attainment Gaps, DfES, (2006) This gap grows over time, with many poor children failing two years behind by the age of 14. Many children living in poverty leave school early or without qualification. This has long-lasting impact on their lives because as adults they are facing unemployment, low-income and emotional discomforts.Economic, social and political development of the UK, to some extent, depends on whether children grow up happy, healthy, well educated, saved and confident in themselves. Childhood is short, but it has strong imprint on human life. Children that dont go to school or have lower qualifications and children that dont receive good health care may become the marginal part of society for the rest of their lives.By investing in children, the Government can help them break the cycle of poverty which they inherit from their parents. Ending the child poverty can result in an overall reduction of deprivation in the society, preventing the new generation from misery and isolation.

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Achieving Greatness

Achieving enormousness Greatness is something achieved by going above and beyond the norms of being great. Grandpa, Benjamin Slater, has achieved greatness through his hard work, generosity, and pleasant personality. Ben was always doing things to help others, including his children, grandchildren, and neighbors. He was the person other people would come to if they ever essential anything. veritable(a) if it was to fix a leaking sink, or they needed some advice.Benjamin hard work was shown through his actions at Good-Year have on and Rubber Company making tires and running dangerous machinery. He worked there most of his life until he retired at the age of 62. He also had some under the table jobs fixing houses, cars, or anything that needed fixed. He had a garden in his spine yard, when he would get home from work he would go straight back to his shed and start gardening. He was also on a Tuesday wickedness bowling league every week.Every day Ben would get up early, go to the diner just dash off the street from his house, and have a cup or two of coffee. He would always bring back cinnamon rolls for his family. While my parents were going through a divorce, my grandpa gave my father a place to stay. He provided for two extra people, and did not make my father pay rent. Ben has shown plenty of generosity to his family and others. He attend church every Sunday at Kansas Avenue united Methodist Church in Topeka, Kansas. He would put a check in the offering every time.Bens loving personality was shown when he was in the garden, playing with his dog, Duke, or watching his grandchildren. Ben never wanted to see a frown on anyones face. He would do anything and everything just to see someone smile. He took all of his grandchildren out for ice cream when we were at family events. Bens loving personality really showed when he was tit his children. The love he had for his children was doubled due to the overtaking of their mother, his wife Marilyn Slater in 199 5.Benjamin took on a very hard role, of loving and taking parcel out of five children. In June of 2005, Benjamin Slater left behind a name that others would be regal of. He showed bravery and strength in the hard times, love and compassion when his family needed it, and kind and unsparing hands in times of helping. In addition, was willing to do anything just to keep someone happy. In conclusion, Benjamin has achieved greatness through his actions towards his family and others.

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Art and Culture Essay

Art and culture ar two terms which can never be separated and are deeply interlinked. Art refers to the quality, creation, appearance, or in truthm, based on aesthetics of what is beautiful, appealing, or is completely out of the ordinary. Art has many facets like theatre, paintings, music and other kinds of visual and abstract art. It has been seen that antithetical cultures have different kinds of art because art of a country always reflects its culture, traditions and norms. The thoughts, ideas, rules & routines and famous signs and symbols common among the tidy sum of an area are displayed through art. A particular culture develops gradually and if its components are embedded in a family, generation or several generation this culture becomes permanent and its language and traditions become an instant part of the society. By language, one does not only mean verbal enunciation of people to impart but it also means communication through music, poetry, architecture etc.These c ultural cases show both meaning and value of art creation and more deeply the reason and value for the civilization pickings place at that time. Each kind of art is an expression it is the expression of human beings who exist as a part of culture. Therefore, culture and art go side by side and cannot be deemed as completely different phenomena. the Statesn culture and art have an old bondage. Pop Art became pop extending from America to all over the world in 1950s and 60and instantly became a actually popular and widely accepted image of a modern America. Pop Art incorporates hard edges and displays the real life style. Warhol who is considered to be the father of Pop Art created and popularized its concept pop art is a representative of the cultural aspects of society and is also deemed as abstract expressionism (Mamiya, 1992).The signs, symbols and artifacts represented by Pop Art are based on true American culture rooting from history. Another example is the local cultural act ivities that take place in the form of theatre, musical shows and dance. The visitors from all over the world come to enthrall the cultural activities at different venues in New York and Chicago such as Dallas Museum of Art, M Morton H. Meyerson melody Center and the Nasher Sculpture Center (Sherman, 2009). These activities are a true depiction of the American society and submit its traditions, values, norms and preferences in the form of art.ReferencesMamiya, C. J. (1992). Pop art and consumer culture American super market. CA University of Texas Press Sherman, L. (2009). Americas Cultural Tourism Capitals. Retrived 21st March 2013 from http//

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Who is Banksy? That is what everybody has been asking each other for the last couple of years. Although he is quite famous nobody knows much about him. All we know is his real name efficacy be Robert Banks or Robin Gunningham and he was born in Bristol, but what we do know Banksy is an anon. England based graffiti mechanic, film director and painter. He is known for his sarcastic street art and incendiary fun combine cheekiness with dark humor with graffiti done in a typical printing technique. Such operativeic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, circumvents, and connect of cities throughout the world.Banksys work was born out of the Bristol underground scene which involved teamwork between artists and musicians. According to wall and piece book, banksy was born in 1974 and raised in Bristol, England. The son of a photocopier technician, he trained as a butcher but became involved in graffiti during the great Bristol aerosol boom of the be lated 1980s. People have opposite perceptions on what art should be. People often use art as a tool, which helps people express there point of view on life and art has different categories that range from looking at a tree in the bush in depth to a famous piece of painting in the museum or Art gallery.Banksy defines art as something that should be looked at in depth so the person that is looking at the art should look at it interminable and in more detail. In the book Wall and Piece book by Banksy artist quotes he is quoted interpreting art as The holy grail is to spend less time making the feeling than it takes people to look at it. Banksy esteems Art is an amazing way for individuals to express themselves, and people always pertain it to controversy. Art lavatory be for a persons individual desire, motivation, or hobby, but it can also be a political message or inspiration for an entire world.A readiness of famous artist use there own techniques, styles, and structures in o rder to implement there ideas into a form of art. An secretive artist from England by the name of Banksy is famous through his notorious and unique forms of art, ordinarily graffiti art, and has inspired many people around the world. They call his work Monkey Parliament is undreamt because it is addressing many political issues and creates a different perspective of the world.Although many people have diverse definitions of art, several(prenominal) believe that controversial art is brilliant due to the fact that it portrays symbols that often cannot be expressed in words and exposes a message that can inspire an individual or an entire world in many ways. Is Banksys work art or vandalism? definevandalism The willful or vixenish destruction, injury, disfigurement, or defacement of any public or private property, real or personal, without consent of the proprietor or person having control. defineart uman endeavor thought to be aesthetic and have sum beyond simple description. Incl udes music, dance, sculpture, painting, drawing, stitchery, weaving, poetry, writing, woodworking, etc. A medium of expression where the individual and culture come together. found on these two definitions Banskys work is both art and vandalism. The problem with street art as I see it is that those who mainly consider it vandalism doesnt recognize it as art whereas those who mainly think of it as art more often can recognize it as vandalism as well.I think Banksy does some good for this problem since his pieces often are so thought provoking and technically good. How does Banksy distinguish money while keeping his identity hidden? Banksy has friends that ARE willing to keep his identity secret, they understand art dealers that are also willing to trust that the banksy art is the real deal. money to the dealer, from the dealer to the friend. in that location is no real definition for what is beautiful or appealing to the human eye. Banksy is said to be an artist by some and a gra ffiti lawbreaker by others.Basically, it is up to the person to define Banksy as someone who is doing the function thing verses doing the wrong thing. Banksy creates his graffiti pictures to make a stand for what he believes is the right way to look at controversial issues. Some people may not like Banksys graffiti because they do not have the same views as him. Some people might not like it because graffiti is vandalism and they see no art in vandalism. People who dislike his stencil graffiti art consider Banksy a lawbreaker. I personally believe that Banksy is a unique artist that will make a statement with his art, all the while

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Nutrition Related Diseases Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Nutrition Related Diseases - Essay ExampleThe presence of these nutrients in the adequate amounts is essential for proper functioning of the frame. Mudambi (2007) lists out the major nutrients as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Each of these nutrients performs their unique function, and discordant processes takes place through their unified functioning (p. 4). Each group of these nutrients altogether constitute over 40 essential nutrients which again produce over thousands of other substances that are essential for various body processes. As Ridgwell (1996) describes, among the various nutrients, carbohydrates and fats provide us with energy proteins are used for growth and repair, vitamins and minerals help to protect our body and are also needed for maintenance. A diet can be considered as a match diet if it complicates variety of healthy intellectual nourishments which supplements all the nutrients in the right proportion. Due to unhealthy eating habits orbit is now witnessing a rise in food borne illnesses and diet related disorders like obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and affectionateness diseases.Food borne illnesses are caused due to the consumption of contaminated food infected by microorganisms like bacteria, viruses or parasites or due to some chemicals in the food (NDDIC). Person suffering gets infections or irritations in gastrointestinal tract which result in symptoms like vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever. Food borne illnesses can affect a person suddenly after eating contaminated food. If food is highly contaminated, food borne illnesses may run severe which can even lead to death. Thus if a person is severely affected with food borne illnesses, immediate medical attention should be provided. The people who are most susceptible to food borne illnesses include infants, pregnant women, elderly persons or individuals with weak immune system. Thus extra care should be disposed for keeping food safe fo r people belonging to this risky category.Nutrient

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Is the nature of crime in our society accurately presented by the Essay

Is the nature of execration in our association accurately presented by the media Discuss - Essay ExampleThis has meant that media has been unable to casing success deep down the crime regimes and has not been able to showcase its true face at exposing crime and the criminals who are at large on most of the occasions (Weeks, 2011).The most interesting aspect of by rights understanding the nuances related with crime and its propagation within any society of the world and especially within Australia is made when people are trying to get the hang of the criminal elements which are plaguing the people and the society in essence. What is required is a vision to set the good and the bad apart from one other so that both virtue and vice have their respective positions within the societal domains. The people who ready media such a huge phenomenon are indeed the ones who have to decide what is deemed as right and what peck be judged as wrong without any doubt. These include the anchor s, the media persons, the talk show hosts, the reporters, the news analysts and so on. The subscribe is to realize that this huge phenomenon must not be blown out of proportion rather the accent mark should be kept on bringing sanity within the related ranks (Thorn, 2008). It will assure that the media stay on track and the criminal element present within the Australian society is checked at all times. One of the most significant reasons why crime is being propagated lies solely in the accompaniment that the criminals are being allowed to do just that. The media is playing its negative role on most of the occasions, and this is earmarked as something that is proving to be a serious problem if seen within the related settings. How crime gets the back seat is consequential for the societys different dimensions and this must be brought to the fore none other than the media alone.The element of being responsive in terms of reportage, finding out facts from just about everywhere an d directly reporting with

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Statistical critique Statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Statistical critique - Statistics Project ExampleThe economic consumption of period use fields as a statistical tool in this kind of research was in truth appropriate since time expenditure is a good indicator of work intensity and therefore allowed the investigator to effectively investigate the human activities and behavioral patterns.Programme) provided the condition with the best national data set regarding time use. There is however a serious concern regarding the use of statistical observations that were recorded prior to mid-seventies contingently in countries that were once part of the former Soviet Union. This is primarily because most of these countries had not highly-developed elaborate family policies until after 1970s. Another potential limitation of using MTUS in the research was the fact that the scurf used is not sufficiently precise to accurately measure the time spent on particular tasks since it only record data on a range of between 55% and 95%. pageboy 14 92, first paragraph under Measures the researcher chose to only use the heavily performed tasks such as housekeeping and cooking time as the dependable variables during statistical analysis of the data in the study. The significance of the authors choice of variables was based on the fact that they were universally performed in all the countries under the survey and were generally gender specialized. The other statistical variables such as child care time were considered to be less significant as compared to housework and cooking time.The author primarily focused on the major(ip) domestic chores that are in some areas regarded as female household chores. Although this was fairly appropriate, the researcher should dedicate made a clear distinction between the daily chores and the other non daily routines to ensure the the true of the statistics. Additionally it would also be appropriate if the researcher highlighted some of the distinctions between high schedule tasks

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Nationalism and Development in the Third World Essay

Nationalism and Development in the deuce-ace World - Essay ExampleThird realness food for thought production could be enhanced by the techniques of crop handling, pest control and storage and reduce the annual loss of 10% on food production in these nations. Sustainable farming has attend toed to augment the yield in food in third base world nations (Science Daily, 2006). Sustainable farming practices require less water which is very important given the soothsaying that by 2025 the third world countries would face physical or frugal water shortages.To avoid only economic disasters, IMF was set up as public lenders after the World War II. IMF supplies member nations with capital to overcome short-term credit crunches. IMF maintains structural adjustment policies (SAP) for lending money to the member nations. It was supposed to help the third world develop and get out of debt but by early 1990s almost of the third world nations went deeper into debt and remained underdevelope d (Rowden 2001). The SAP only reduces the states role in their economic development process and forces them to eliminate or lower the trade barriers or tariffs, reduces subsidies to the businesses and they are not allowed to privatise public utilities. They also have to eliminate their controls over currency and capital. Thus third-world good are not sold in the developed markets. There were suggestions that debts of third world countries should be cancelled but this does not resolve the issue as in future these countries may still need loans.Third world countries are sensitive that information is power as internet is used for almost everything today. They are aware that digital technology can have an impact on the flow of investment, goods and global services in the market place. They are calling for the establishment of a new international order of information (Mitchell, 2002). Without a substantial change in the system of disseminating information, their development remains in j eopardy. Cultures will erode and nonplus homogenized as the power of media to

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Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 9

political thriftiness - Essay ExampleAlthough, Federal Reserve uses financial policies tools such as open market operations, the give the sack rate and reserve requirement, the tools affect the providence either positively or negatively (Giuseppe, 2009). to a greater extent so, add-on or decrease of the reserve requirement affects refer rates in a short decimal point as financial institutions lack funds to issue to investors. Nonetheless, higher discount rates control acquire less attractive from Federal Reserve for many banks while low discount rate make borrowing to a greater extent attractive for banks because they have access to more deposits. More so, it is necessary to establish how monetary policy caused the financial crisis in the country Considerably, Federal Reserve plays a crucial role in determining money turn in in the economy that eventually affect credit availability and the interest rates in the United States. More significantly, Federal Reserve disappointed interest rates in 2001 as it induced investors to borrow money to finance mortgages and purchase of houses for speculation. However, in 2004 Federal Reserve increase the interest rates making payments of mortgages difficult thus, leading to increase in house prices. More so, businesses and individuals had salt away a lot of interest from the mortgages, making it difficult to pay leading to high defaulting rate of the borrowed funds. More than that, the boom in house markets impacted on financial market lead to high levels of delinquencies and foreclosures. Considerably, the nook period was marked by high levels of economic downturn as the decline in the coarse domestic product increased with high levels of unemployment during the recession period (Giuseppe, 2009). In addition, there is a lower level of money in the economy with a high level of bankruptcies and default in add repayment crisis as real income declines with the economic downturn becomes worse impeding the Federal Re serve to deem action as the economic recession period showed likelihood of economic depression era occurrence. In addition, the Federal reserve set reserve requirements limits for banks and financial institutions as it decreased reserve requirements between 2001-2005 by about 20% funds reserves owned by banks were used to give out more loans to businesses and individuals. As a result, there was an increase in money supply available in the economy thus, leading to inflation. However, in 2005 to 2008 Federal Reserve revised its monetary policy reducing the growth of gross domestic product as it enhanced reduction of money supply in the economy. Nonetheless, the development of collateral mortgage obligations structured product served as a security for borrowing of money thus, individuals later had easer availability to loans .as they used insurance as security for the provision of safety for the loan borrowed if defaulted (Blanchard, 2008). Nonetheless, Federal Reserve failed to rec ognize liquidity fuss in 2007, as it increased the interbank rates while failing to provide an immediate solution to the increase money supply. As a result, interest rate rose to unprecedented levels that eventually led the economy into a period of recession. With the worsening of the economy, the Federal Reserve provided solutions meant to solve challenges that the USA economy was facing in the year 2008 as it uses monetary policies to solve the financial crisis. Federal Reserve increased money supply in t

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How the eye is suited for the purpose of converting visible light into Essay - 1

How the eye is suited for the purpose of converting visible clean-cut into neural action mechanism and how visual information is then conveyed to the visual cortex - Essay ExampleThe paper will in any case high set out some of the challenges the eye faces while it performs its functions.The eyes first accommodateation to its interaction with light is referred to as the papillary light reflex. When responding to different levels of light, the rods and cons work independently but back up each other. This modus operandi espouses the eyes adaptation to dark light.. While the rods are sensitive to light, they have the tendency to concentrate a significant amount of time to adapt to darkness, in this case the rhodopsin, situated in the photoreceptors scan full charge through photo bleaching. On the other hand, the regulation of the eyes esthesia eye s to light is espoused by the changes in the intracellular calcium ions. In order to adapt to light, the eye first adapts to the backgr ound so that it is capable of detecting and distinguishing the background objects the entire process of adaption to light takes a period of approximately five minutesWhenever light is reflected on a surface or remitted from an object, the eye detects the light that first encounters the cornea from here, it is then managementsed to the lense. The lens in turn functions to vary the focus depending on the distance that exists amid the eye and the object. The focal adjustment of the light by the lens is called accommodation. The lens alters its shape depending on the distance of the object for objects that are distant, it elongates, flattens and pulls out whereas for objects that are close by, it only inescapably to assume its natural round shape for clear vision. The light first passes through the space between the cornea and the lens that is filled with fluid called aqueous humour. It consequently goes through the t pupil s round aperture that is surrounded by the iris diaphragm m uscles prior to going through the lens (Jones, et al 2004). However, the touchstone of light that passes through the pupil is determined by the pupils diameter and still goes in advance to be

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Near Failure at Nagasaki Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Near Failure at Nagasaki - Essay ExampleThe same riddle is observed relating to Sweeneys relation to flight engineer Kuharek such that when the last mentioned firstly identified the miss of right(a) force out in the tanks, Sweeney declined from communicating with Kuharek and moved over to Tibbets for gaining advice. Sweeney also reflected lack of self-confidence that is a significant necessity for a leader to govern combat operations. Firstly owing to his lack of proper experience of the combat he was highly dependent on the knowledge and expertise of Ashworth such that the latter exerted significant influence on him. Sweeneys lack of self confidence owing to his limited knowledge again required Ashworth to help him identify and reach the target. Sweeney also lacked self-confidence in dropping the dud effectively on the target for which he aptly depended on Beahan, the bombardier incorporated in the flight operations. similarly other non-leadership qualities are also evident relating to Sweeney in which it is found that how Sweeney shifted the responsibility for the Nagasaki Missions taint to the shoulder of Hopkins. ... ation to be rendered to Hopkins regarding the position of the instrument aircraft which in turn deferred the operations frequently and made things complicated. thirdly owing to the extra eon spent by Sweeney further deferred his operations in being up to(p) to find the effective target of Kokura. This only required Sweeney to prognosticate shift in his original plans. third inability of Sweeney to find both the effective and alternative targets and his dependency on Ashworth delayed the operations much creating threat of excess consumption of fuel. Fourthly owing to the incapability of taking decisions in a profuse and timely fashion and dependence on his followers made Sweeney counter excess time sacking in dropping the bomb over the target effectively. He shifted between dependency on the radiolocation or on visual sighting to drop the bomb. Fifthly, Sweeney acted on a strange note on going on continuously circling above the target, Kokura when it was clear to be bombed that further deferred the operations. Evaluation made ulterior on reflects that Sweeney had lost around one and a half hours in his bankruptcy to take decisions on time leading only to circling over the target a number of times. This failure to calculate the time required for the operation to be completed made Sweeney suffer from the threat of loss of required fuel to charge for the alternate targets. This continuous and unused circling over the rendezvous point made Sweeney also counter the threat of proper landing. The time being spent in an unused fashion thus triggered the exigency for Sweeney to prepare for a harsh landing than preparing for a crash landing. Sweeneys failure to take decisions in a timely fashion also made him fail in catching sight of the instrument-carrying carrier. His failure to catch up with the

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EU law Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

EU law - fitting ExampleThe researcher states that in European Union, the most important legislative instruments ar ordinances and directives. A regulation is a general rule that is obligating upon ingredient nations in whole and is directly applicable to all member states. Obligating in whole connotes that the member states has no preference as to method and form. On the other hand, directives are general rule, but they are binding as to their result. For each member state, it is expected, a directive is obligating as to the bulge outcome to be accomplished. As to the choice to method and form, the institutions of the member states batch exercise their power. There is less(prenominal) clarity about their direct impact due to the wider policy freedom given to member states in transposing EU directives. Nonetheless, one should not downstairsrate the impact of directives, and the internal rules shall have to be construed in such(prenominal) a style that is most in harmony with the directive under reference. Because of its own breakdown to comprise out the commitments which the directive requires, a process Nation which has not espoused the enacting initiatives as demanded by the directive at bottom the stipulated time may not bank upon it as against such persons. At the request of an individual who has adhered with the stipulations of a directive, may request a municipal court not to direct to implement a municipal rule which is contrary to the directive not implemented into the domestic official system of a contravening Member Nation. Further, it must sustain that demand if the commitment in issue is sufficiently precise and unconditional.2. S2 European Communities exploit 1972 stipulates that all such privileges, authorities, responsibilities, commitments and limitations ... arising by or created under the Treaties ... as in agreement with the Treaties are complimentary of further ratification to be accorded official impact or employed in the UK, shall be ... compel so ... Further, any designated Minister, Her Majesty may by Order in Council, and or department may by rules, render provision ... for the purpose of implementing any Community commitment of the United Kingdom. Directives fall under secondary legislation of the source of EU law. A directive is a most significant legislative mechanism together with the EU regulation. Its main aim is to bring together the dual aims of both ensuring the call for consistency of Union law and honouring the diversity of national structures and customs. It is to be remembered that directive chiefly aims for the harmonization and not for the unification of the law. The rationale is to get rid of conflicts and contradictions between national regulations and laws or progressively to weep out contradictions, so that, a uniform stipulation exists in all the member nations. It is to be noted that a directive is obligatory on all the member nations as to the goal to be accomplished, but i t assigns it to the national officials to fix it on how the consented community goal is to be implemented into their domestic legal structures. Especially, the member nations can take into the picture of unique domestic scenarios when implementing the community rules. What is important that an EU directive does not distance the laws of member nations but puts a commitment on the member nations to fine -tune their national law in harmony with Community regulations? Hence, there will be two phases of law- making practice prevail in EU3. Source - EUR-Lex Home Help In UK, the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 is in force and these regulations are enacted in conformity with the section 2(2) of the European Communities Act and transpose the Directive 2001/95/EC on general Product Safety into UK law. The main aim of the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) is to make sure that all goods aimed for or probable to be used by UK residents under realistically and convening predictable stipulations are safe. In case of mobile phones, the GPS Regulations will extend to those-aspects of safety in UK. The GPSD is applicable to