Friday, December 27, 2019

Cultural competence Free Essay Example, 1250 words

Burundi had applied for the grants but its proposal was not approved for the grant in the last two years. Hence this year we welcome and encourage Burundi to apply for the grant. Next, the country must have at least five registered nonprofit charitable organizations having broad experience in the field of community food works like providing food to the poor and low income people in the country, providing untiring efforts to reduce food insecurity among communities, distributing food to people at times of natural calamities, and many more (â€Å"Community food projects, † 2014). These organizations must have achieved at least one hunger free community goal. These are the three most important criteria that a country would demonstrate to be considered for the grant. International organizations such as CARE as well as indigenous NGOs operate in Burundi in the hunger eradication sector. So, these Non-profit organizations that are focused towards hunger eradication may apply and ar e eligible for the grant from WHEGO. Eligible organizations may include state level non-profit organizations, national level non-profit organizations, faith based organizations, and community based organizations (â€Å"Request for proposal, † 2011). We will write a custom essay sample on Cultural competence or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Also the organizations eligible for official tax exemptions are eligible to apply for the grant (â€Å"Request for proposal, † 2011). Why we have selected such organizations is that, these organizations are highly regulated entities with strict rules and governing principles. Not a part of their earnings or the granted funds can benefit an official of the organization or any other private individual and every single penny from the grant would reach the destitute people through these organizations thereby fulfilling our motto. These organizations are required to submit a duplicate of their internal revenue status determination letter and a proof for their tax exempt status, database about their board of directors, and the recent audit reports and financial statements duly signed by the treasurer of the board along with their proposal (â€Å"Request for proposal, † 2011). This would help our committee members in the review process for aw arding the grant to those organizations. In order to win the grant, there are certain requisites to be incorporated into the progress report or proposal submitted by the organization proposing the innovative project that would end hunger. First, it is important to include a brief summary of the entire proposal so that it would give a short yet complete idea about the project’s proposal (Marrs, n.

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